This ECREA virtual postconference is co-organized by three ECREA Thematic Sections: Communication History, Radio Research, Television Studies. 

Communication History Section brings together scholars from different European countries who approach communication with a historical perspective. This includes:

  • the history of communication in general,
  • the history of socially relevant and mass communication,
  • memory studies,
  • the history of ideas related to the field of communication
  • the methodology and theory of communication history.

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Radio and Sound Section will provide opportunities for the international exchange of information and collaboration across disciplines within the field of communication focusing on radio. The section will assist members in developing their work through conferences, publications and by promoting dia logue among members. This level of interaction will assist members in finding partners and in developing international research projects. It will create a radio community and initiate academic dialogue on the future of radio.

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Television Studies Section aims to organise a strong cooperation for European research and education in the field of television studies. In the face of technological and cultural changes to television “as we know it“, the section will bring together TV researchers from a wide range of disciplines focusing on all aspects of television, both addressing the “post-broadcast era“ and television’s history and multiple futures.

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