Call for Papers

Media and communication studies today especially focus on questions surrounding how digital media and digitization have changed and revolutionized previous media ecologies. Funding opportunities, PhD dissertations, journals and books on digitization and the relevance of digital media are overwhelming. This joint ECREA postconference, organized by the Communication History, Radio Research, and Television Studies Sections, invites colleagues to focus on and discuss claims that studying old media is imperative and still fully relevant to understand our contemporary media landscapes. In several media sectors, traditional media, such as television and radio, printing, analog photography and music, are still the most profitable businesses. The integration of old and new media seems to be more effective than disruptive models, and the so-called “old media” are still used and appreciated by media audiences worldwide. This postconference invites empirical and theoretical contributions from different angles. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Old media persistence in terms of content, political mentality, business, law, regulation, audience and usage;
  • Remediation and persistence of old media forms into new media, processes of digitization of old media and persistence of old media business models;
  • The significance of traditional media (e.g. broadcasting, printing, analog photography and music, etc.) in contemporary digital culture; 
  • Production studies of old media industries;
  • The persistence of propaganda and fake news from old to new media;
  • Old media and how they contribute to the process of datafication;
  • The persistence of old media in the everyday life of minoritarian or marginalised audiences;
  • New media histories for old media;
  • The persistence of old media activism;
  • The continuation and renewal of old controversies and debates (on governance, neutrality, etc.);
  • Nostalgia and use of old media archives as current practices both in the production of new media contents and in the audience consumptions.
  • Analog photography, vinyl, tapes and Super8 movies (among others): the return of nostalgic media

The deadline has now expired and the postconference will take place as an online event only (Webex platform) on 10 September 2021.

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